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Start Your Own CBD Business

Right now CBD companies all over the world are making millions of dollars. The industry is booming. The CBD business is a great business to invest in. It allows you the freedom to work from home  During these stressful times customers all over the world are using CBD to boost their immune systems , to help reduce anxiety , and reduce pain.

Imagine Selling products that help with a multitude of  things. How many people do you think suffer from back pain , achey muscles after working out, seizures , anxiety , headaches ,  and more ? There’s a lot of clients that need CBD products. We are going to teach you how to reach those clients so you can join a multi million dollar industry. 

Be Your Own Boss

I know that you’ve seen the photos on Instagram that show people from all over the world drinking CBD Tea & Coffee. CBD tea is one of our top sellers . We can’t wait to show you how to sell CBD tea .In this course we are going to share our secrets with you. In 93 days you will learn the secret business formula that will leave your customers raving about your products . We want to ensure that you have all of the tools to take over the CBD world and be your own boss. That is why we’ve created a course that covers everything that you need to know about the CBD business.

CBD tea

Here Are Some Of The Topics We’ll Cover In Our Lectures :

  • How to build a brand that’s going to stand out from your competition 
  • Mindset & Rich Routine training
  • CBD laws & regulations 
  • How to convert social media followers into buyers
  • How to properly create labels for your private label products 
  • Drop Shipping : What you should know 
  • The history of CBD 
  •  How to attract your target market 
  • How to find the best wholesale hemp companies that sell top quality products
  • How to sell subscription services that will attract repeat clients
  • Secrets to growing your business on social media
  • How to create content that will increase your sales
  • Hemp knowledge 
  • Hemp Myths & More Lectures

How It Works

Step 1 : Choose Your Course Package Enroll In The Course

It’s time to launch your own highly profitable CBD Business ! Choose from 3 course options. Save more on your course when you pay in full today. Payment plans are available for all course options. Once your payment is made you’ll receive an email within 24 business hours. Please click the link and enter your username and password to access your course GROW YOUR CBD HEALTH & BEAUTY STORE.

Step 2 : Receive Your CBD Samples & Start The Course

Log In & start your course. Learn all about the CBD industry and how to scale a highly profitable store. While you’re learning more about the CBD industry we’ll be shipping your Hemp & Her CBD products to you to sell.

Step 3: Launch A Successful CBD Store

Once you’ve completed the course you’ll have all of the tools and education to run a fully legal CBD store.

How It Works Explainer

Once you’ve completed the course you’ll have all of the tools and education to run a fully legal CBD store.

Benefits of CBD

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Sell CBD Beauty Products

Are you wondering how much money can you make selling CBD? Let’s take a look at some numbers.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Example : Let’s say that you’ve purchased $6,999 worth of CBD products . Based on retail prices , This will create sales from $21, 495 to $25, 995 and could generate a profit from your first order between $14,900 to $19,400 .

Hemp and Hers product Collection

This is an amazing business opportunity .

In addition to offering the best CBD tinctures , we also offer these amazing CBD products :

  • Vegan & Non Vegan CBD Gummy Bears
  • CBD Sugar Scrub
  • Hemp Seed Soap & More
CBD gummies

Businesses For Sale

We currently have three businesses for sale . They are launch ready.
These three businesses can be structured to fit our Business -In-A-Box
or Build-A-Business Model . These businesses are only available for the
full purchase option. Businesses are sold on a first come first served
basis and they cannot be held. Please email us at
contact@hempandhersbotanicals.com once you’ve enrolled in the Business
-In-A-Box or Build-A-Business Model . Please mention the business name
that you would like to purchase. There is an additional $399 fee per sku for each private label. This fee includes the design fee, printing labels, and the creation of the nutrition / general label requirements.

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Course Packages

You no longer have to figure it out alone. Learn the secrets to creating a successful CBD business.

Here's A List Of Our CBD Products That Are Included In The Course

Products Included In Build-A-Business Package

1 sugar scrub 50mg

2 CBD dream capsule bottles 25mg per capsule

1 Soft Skin Mud Mask 50mg

2 packs of tea 300mg 

2 bath bombs 100mg per bath bomb

2 massage oils 20mg per bottle

2 relief roll on rubs 1000mg for both rubs

2 body butters 20mg

2 relief rub 1000mg per bottle

2 regular gummies 25mg per gummy 

2 vegan gummies 25mg per gummy

3 pack of CBD capsules  1000mg per bottle

2 instant relief rubs 500mg per per bottle

Products Included In Business-In-A-Box Package

4 sugar scrub 50mg per container

3 CBD dream capsule bottles 25mg per capsule

2 Soft Skin Mud Masks 50mg

6 packs of tea 300mg

3 packs of Elderberry Immune System Booster CBD Tea
3 packs of Mango CBD Tea
4 bath bombs 100mg per bath bomb
2 massage oils 20mg per bottle

2 relief roll on rub 500mg for both rubs

4 body butters 20mg per container
3 relief rubs 1000mg per bottle

3 regular gummies 25mg per gummy

2 vegan gummies 25mg per gummy
4 pack of CBD capsules 1000mg per bottle
2 instant relief rub 500mg per per bottle
4 men’s beard oil tinctures 25mg per bottle2 hair growth tinctures 25mg per bottle

1 CBD tincture 1000mg (available in natural, fruit punch, orange, mint, or chocolate mint)

1 Packet of CBD coffee 1000mg

1 pack of CBD honey sticks 30mg


Does the course option only include samples?

The course only option doesn’t include CBD samples.

If I pay for the Build-A-Business or Business- In-A-Box Package in full , when will I receive my samples ?

All samples will be processed within 24 hours.

If I choose the payment option will I receive samples after I’ve made my first payment today?

Yes. If you enroll in the Build-A-Business package you will receive 5 samples after your first payment is made. You will receive the remaining CBD products after your course has been paid in full. All Business- In-A-Box Enrollments will receive 10 CBD products. The remaining 40 products will be shipped once the course is paid in full.

Will I receive access to the course immediately ?

Yes. All clients / students will receive access to the course within 24 business hours after they’ve enrolled in the CBD course. Students / Clients that are on payment plans will have access to 50% of the course up front . The rest of the course will be released once the course is paid in full.

Does this course teach me how to create my own line of CBD products or will I sell Hemp & Hers products?

This amazing opportunity allows you to create 2 CBD stores. You may sale our products , create your own products , or sell both products. We will discuss why running more than one CBD business is highly profitable in the course 🙂

Can I create a private label instead of selling Hemp & Hers Products

Yes, There is an one time additional $399 fee per sku for each private label. This fee includes the design fee, printing labels, and the creation of the nutrition / general label requirements.

Receive Samples Of Our Top Selling CBD Products

  • 25mg Dream Capsules
  • 500mg & 1000mg
  • Natural & Flavored Tincture Drops
  • 20mg Shea Butter
  • 500mg Ultra Relief Roll On Rub
  • Vegan Gummies
  • Non Vegan Gummies
  • CBD Energy Boost Capsules 
  • Body Massage Oil 
  • 50mg Soft Skin Sea Mask 
  •  500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg Ultra Relief Rub
  • Beard Oil
  • 500mg Instant Freeze Rub 
  • CBD Full Spectrum Capsules 
  • CBD Bath Bombs